Prayer for the Dead
Say a Prayer for the Dead

The Christian Prayer Center is a true blessing, and the inspiration for creating this website. I have used it to post many prayer requests, and Pastor John Carlson and the community of thousands have always come through to help me. God Bless them. I can't say enough good about them.

If you have ever had a loved one pass away, you understand the importance of a prayer for the dead. Family members who have died deserve our respect and remembrance, and we can do that in the form of praying for the dead. In praying at night, some Christians or people of other religions have even been said to communicate and speak to their deceased parents or siblings. When a person we care about dies, it can be a sad experience. The Bible discusses several stories where Jesus is able to speak to dead people, and in the end, he himself is resurrected from the grave.

Visiting the cemetary and bringing flowers to the gravestone of your loved one is an excellent way to begin your prayers for the dead. This brings you closer to their bodies and souls. If you are needing help to talk to people who have died, or power in communicating with them, I urge you to post a prayer request for the dead.

The most coveted blessings come from the most holy communities to submit prayer requests on the internet.

It does not matter if the people we care about have decomposed, or have been put in a casket. Through devout faith and concentrated prayer, we can save them from Hell, and send them to Heaven.

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